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Made in Japan


「ICHIBA」 is not just the name of the founder but also means "market" in Japanese. 

The word represents the founder’s belief that ICHIBA only provides best quality fine goods to the market. 


Founded in 1950 at Hyogo Prefecture Japan, ICHIBA had a history in fine quality abacus manufacturing for about 70 years. With the delicate woodworking skill used for abacus, ICHIBA then developed furniture line and becoming one of the biggest furniture manufacturer in the world. The design of its furniture aims to satisfy wide range of different age groups and various preferences from children to adults.

Currently ICHIBA has expand business to overseas market including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia.


Japanese Premium Handmade Quality


For decades, ICHIBA has been thinking how to make an ideal balance between design and practicability. And finally comes out U-LA.

With the meaning of “rocking” (ゆれる) in Japanese, U-LA aims to reduce pressure to knees and waist with its premium handmade quality. The producing process of U-LA was supervised by famous professor 磯博行 from Kobe medical university based on ergonomics biomechanics verification and practicality to safety. Its pleasant tremors promote the generation of alpha waves and have the effect of relaxing mind and body were approved by medical professor. While standing up, it’s easy for elderly people to move without giving pressure to their bodies. 


All products of U-LA are awarded by Good Design Award 2010 and 2012 while its original designer -紀之蛯名 was selected as Switzerland ARCHITONIC TOP DESIGNER 200 in 2015. What’s more, the U-LA chair was chosen as excellent design special exhibition in IFFS 2016.