Cozy Heritage 

SINCE 2008


Share a Unique Dream Kingdom

Founded in 2008, Cozy Heritage Households is a collection of high-end furniture manufacturing and the whole service as one of the high-end household soft outfit brand, known as the fashion of the founders of the European and American household socialism, ideal comfortable household practitioners, and the definition of the overall service design. Back to Asia's largest furniture manufacturing factory, which owns fashion brand of Europe and the United States home COZY HERITAGE and modern American brand COZY BOUTIQUE brands, in order to "origin design and reshape the classics" as the design concept, different culture, folklore, art and historical elements into the modern household design, by European imports of raw material, inheriting the originality process quality.

Now widely across the country in high-end household market, more than 80 stores across the country, favored by the taste of people from all walks of life.


Cozy Heritage Collection